Tire Claw


In all forms of racing tires with or without wheels need to be moved from one location to another. The Tire ClawTM allows wheels/tires to be stacked safely four high in or on a trailer, ATV or pickup truck. This efficiently maximizes your precious floor space.

Tires and wheels, are they covering your pickup or trailer bed? Convert them to neat stacks in minutes, with the Tire ClawTM.

For pickup and trailer applications, the Tire ClawTM needs a floor mounted tie down hook to function. These can be purchased if needed from the trailer manufacturer or a racing parts supplier.

For ATV rack applications or existing tie down hooks on/in trailers, all that is needed is the Tire ClawTM.

Tie down hooks are not included.




  • $85.00 U.S. Dollars plus Shipping and Handling.

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