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Limited Slip Test Tool

The limited slip test tool slips over the five studs on the rear hub of a GM or Ford vehicle to accurately determine the breakaway torque of a cone or clutch limited slip. To use the tool:

1. Jack up the car so that one rear wheel rests on the ground. Put the car in neutral.

2. Remove the wheel from the side of the car in the air.

3. Insert the Rear End Limited Slip tool onto the axle studs.

4. Insert a 1/2" extension into the tool, and your torque wrench into the extension and measure the torque. Most rear ends break wet at approximately 120 + ft./lbs., worn rear ends need to be replaced if they are below 80 ft./lbs. dry reading may approach 190 ft./lbs.

Key Benefits

  • No more broken studs caused due to checking limited slip torque.
  • Accurately monitor the torque of the limited slip to determine wear. Since the reading is in the center of the hub circle and not on a single bolt, the reading is repeatable and accurate.


  • $135.00 U.S. Dollars plus Shipping and Handling.

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