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Speed - The "Man"

Bill (nickname "Speed" short for Speedracer) has been racing since he was 6, which began with go-carts. This quickly escalated into motorcycles; in fact Speed has raced the Blackwater 100, the toughest cross country race 8 times, and finished as high as third. He won the New England Championship Enduro. He had to get out of bikes, because “it hurts when you break things, like ribs and fingers and things.” 

Speed has won numerous championships in Road Racing and rally including Great Lakes SCCA T2 Divisional Championship. Speed has won the Ohio Winter Rally and is a NeOhio/Kryder Cup ITS Champion, War Games Champion and T2 NeOhio Champion.

He finished 5th in the Car and driver “One Lap of America” in 1997, and driven a Craftsman Truck and Winston Cup cars, each several times. He has also driven an open car S2000 at Derek Daly.


He has competed in the Runoffs since 2002. Runoffs highlights are: 10th at Laguna Seca in 2014, 3rd at Heartland Park Topeka in 2008 and 5th at Mid Ohio in 2003.                                                                                    


Short Bio:

  • 24 years of welding/fabrication experience from Lincoln Electric Company
  • 26 Year Member of American Welding Society
  • An B. S. in Engineering from Ohio State University
  • An MBA in Marketing from Babson College
  • 20 Years of SCCA Racing/Driving Experience in a wide variety of cars (BMW 2002, M3, 911, Datsun 280Z, Mazda RX-7, Craftsman Truck, Legends, Winston Cup, BMW Z3, F2000, Camaro Z-28 and Mustang Cobra)
  • 16 years High Performance Driving Teaching with Tracktime, Car Guys, PCA, and BMW CCA
  • He and is a member of the Neohio SCCA
  • 310 car races, 45 off road motorcycle races
  • Instructor for Tracktime, Car Guys, Porsche Club, BMW CCA, Audi Club and Corvette Club
  • Yearly Welding/Racing talks at the NeOhio Competition Clinic
  • Speaker at the Society of Automotive Engineers on SCCA Club Racing